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Infants class

We have a strong, highly skilled interdisciplinary team.

We’ve added lots of new links with essential information to provide you with essential information about the school. Here is a sample taken from the school’s homepage:

National Teaching Awards Winner : : Joanne Martin


PE and Sport


Gold Investors in People Award


Highfurlong School is very alert and sensitive to the concerns of its learners, parents and the community. I t has developed amazing strength from its high quality collaborative work as illustrated in its excellent network of partners. From this strong communication process, the whole school, its robust teams and talented individuals are able to very competently lead change that benefits everyone concerned. By initiating and leading the change narrative ahead of the curve, Highfurlong has developed a highly trained, expert workforce that has positively impacted upon national, regional and local initiatives. This process is built upon developing emotional intelligence and a resilient listening organisation that acknowledges diversity and a range of views. From this, Highfurlong skilfully builds alignment and commitment to initiate successful strategies in a the fast changing world that we now deliver education in. Students are facilitated to advocate a compelling future that meets their needs. Parents and external agencies such as charities, businesses and government agencies are co-opted and enrolled in this process. This is driven by empowering individuals and teams to move forward with a sense of urgency. Highfurlong has structures, systems and processes in places that systematically create a powerful support ethos. This has been recognised by a wide range of national kite marks: Gold IIP, Teaching Awards, Ofsted, ICT Excellence Award and leading national initiatives such as ‘The National Year of Communication.’

YouTube Highfulong videos

Caving at Bendrigg

Caving at Bendrigg

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