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Student Council

At Highfurlong we really value the views and opinions of all our young people. Student voice is important and we try to make sure it is heard. Students sometimes see things from a different angle to the staff and their viewpoint can be very helpful, particularly when we are planning changes to the school. At Highfurlong, one of the methods we use to make sure students views and opinions are heard, listened to and acted upon is by establishing a ‘Student Council’ at the start of each academic year.

The School Council representatives are chosen by holding class elections. Being part of the council helps students to develop key skills around confidence and leadership and supports students to become active, democratic citizens.

This year the representatives have proposed to hold a ‘Wacky Hair Day’ as a fundraiser for NSPCC. In addition, following on from the introduction of a Kindness Certificate, the council will also be presenting a Kindness Trophy every half term.




Easy News

Easy News is the first newspaper designed to be accessible for people with learning disabilities.

Politics and the news are often inaccessible to people with learning disabilities because of the use of jargon and difficult language.

Over half of people with learning disabilities supported by United Response, a charity which advocates better access to democracy for people with such disabilities, told them that they would like to read a newspaper with simple words and pictures.


Easy News is published every two months and is available in print and online. They can also produce audio versions of individual editions, on request, simply email

Please click here to read more about Easy News, and to read the latest edition.