“Creating competitive opportunities for young disabled people within the school games.”

Highfurlong School ensures that all students are given the opportunity to take part in Sport at all levels. In recognition of their achievements Highfurlong School has been awarded School Games Mark 2016 at Gold level. School Games Pathway leads to this award. This pathway gives increased opportunities for young people with disabilities to compete on a local, regional and national level. The aim is to provide more opportunities by:

·         Enabling participation in regular competitive activity at each level of the School Games

·         Developing meaningful competitive opportunities as part of the school sport pathway

·         Raising confidence levels

·         Changing perceptions and enhancing understanding of disabled people to provide inclusive opportunities to compete alongside non-disabled athletes.

The Sport and competitions run in Highfurlong school include a range of team and individual sports and a variety of competition formats..

These include specific formats in disability sports such as table cricket, boccia.and Fencing.( All National Governing Bodies of Sport (NGBs) provide competition format, which are inclusive in design and provide advice/guidance on how to adapt activities and integrate young disabled people in teams alongside non-disabled youngsters, as well as impairment-specific formats)

We have a H-bar hoist in the school hall, this enables our students to experience walking as independently as possible.  It also allows them to join in activities such as gymnastics, football and therapy.

Highfurlong Lancashire Lead School for Project Ability

Highfurlong School is one of fifty schools selected to lead the delivery of elements of Project Ability and helps to drive the aims of the School Games by:

Delivering bespoke training and providing local advice and guidance to SGOs

Driving the establishment and implementation of more local competitive opportunities for young people

Sustaining young people’s participation beyond their involvement in competition through the development of school club activities.

As the Lead Project Ability School, Highfurlong encourages schools to develop meaningful high profile sport competitions for young disabled people. This provides an excellent platform for schools to launch a full programme of targeted competitions to build on the legacy of the 2012 - and also 2016 - Paralympics.