"Empowering our students to make their own informed choices concerning their future."

At Key Stage 5 our students follow personalised pathways.  The changes in the curriculum reflect an emphasis in preparing our students for life outside of school.

We empower our students to be confident, independent and responsible young people.  They are increasingly able to make  informed choices concerning their future.

External Accreditation KS5 - Qualifications and Awards

Highfurlong School has high aspirations and expectations for all our learners and within KS5 all students access external accreditation, Highfurlong’s offer changes in order to meet the personalised learning pathways of our students and may include;
Entry Level qualifications;
Personal Development opportunities
ASDAN - Short courses;
Asdan Awards
PSD at E1, E2 and E3 and L1

Asdan Transition Challenge
Towards Independence
Functional skills English, Maths and ICT
Personalised Pathway opportunities
Work Related Learning opportunities and Information Advice and Guidance
Student Voice opportunities

Student Council

Projects -working together with a wide range of community and collaborative partners


Provision at Highfurlong is designed to meet the needs of the young people and their pathway, we offer a bespoke package based on needs and interests. In addition we have a number of interactive books illustrating our post 16 offer, which are available to anyone to borrow.