"Learning is fun, stimulating and relevant."


Key Stage 2 Curriculum


The KS2 team at Highfurlong are currently working on an exciting, innovative KS2 Curriculum. Our new 4 year curriculum will follow a thematic approach which will be fun, stimulating and relevant for all of our very special students. Within this there will be an intertwining sensory curriculum which will ensure all of our sensory learners access the whole curriculum.

As our students are at the heart of all our planning, the curriculum will be tailored to suit the specific needs of each individual, so that the best possible learning can take place.

Most of our students have to miss curriculum lessons to attend a huge ammount therapy each day. Highfurlong are developing a brand new way of teaching which will increase learning time and change the way students can access their learning.

Phonics and reading

Reading is a high priority at Highfurlong and all students access the ‘Oxford Tree’ Reading Scheme.Throughout the school, the overarching approach to teaching phonics is ‘Letters and sounds.’ Although, for most of our students, phonics and reading cannot be taught in the conventional systematic way. Our teachers and support staff tailor their teaching of reading and phonics to each individual.